"Throughout my 30-day Embrace Yourself program I coach my clients to move toward a life of calm, conscious clarity by examining the body, mind and spirit. Each of these facets influence our mental health on a profound level. My clients find relief from anxiety and have the tools they need for a lifetime of good mental health with little or no drugs."
Overcome Anxiety and Depression and Let Your Inner Goddess Shine Through
Are you suffering from physical pain, emotional turmoil, stress at work and/or an unsupportive relationship?

We don’t live in the most peaceful times. See if you relate to this:

You regularly feel fatigue along with different kinds of pain.

You are often in a bad mood and have no motivation to go to work.

You feel lost and you don’t know exactly what is troubling you.

You have tried counseling and medication without success.

You are looking for a way to fix this issue but you don’t want to be on medication your entire life.

Does This Sound Like You?
If so, let me tell you two things.

First, you are not alone in that struggle. Many women experience the same feelings of constant unease.

Second, there IS a solution for your condition, and you are about to discover it.

I’m Dr. Lindsay
A Holistic Practitioner Who Helps Women Heal From Anxiety & Depression
I work with women who want to free themselves from the shackles of anxiety and depression to find joy in life again.

A licensed therapist with a doctorate in mental health, I offer coaching services for women who feel lost and don’t know what to do. My credentials are as follows:

• E.d.D. Counselor Education & Supervision
• M.A. Mental Health Counseling
• B.A. Psychology University of South Florida
• Certified Body Mind Performance Coach
• Licensed Counselor (Florida, U.S.)
• Certified Domestic Violence Counselor
• Soul Trauma Healer in Training
Anxiety is not your fault and it is not a thinking problem.
I have witnessed a lot of pain and sorrow over the years. I worked with women and children suffering from domestic abuse, as well as cases in the substance abuse field and corrections.

I have seen men and women at the lowest point in their lives bounce back and start over. Guiding them and being part of their stories is an honor. Seeing them regain their vitality brings me an immense joy.

Every day, brave souls are finding their way in difficult times.

If you are experiencing physical sensations like the following:

• Tightness in the chest
• Shortness of breath, fatigue
• Headaches, dizziness
• Restlessness, panic attacks
• Ringing in the ears
• Itching
• Mouth dryness
• Stomach trouble

If you are experiencing emotional troubles like the following:

apprehension, dread, panic, worry, terror or edginess

Then you have to take action.

We all accumulate toxicity in the form of emotional wounds, frustrations and directly from our environment. Eliminating these impurities is essential if we are looking toward emotional and spiritual freedom.

If you suffer from anxiety, know that it’s not your fault. It’s a signal from your body that you have physical issues, emotional blocks and spiritual unease. It can be treated and you can heal from this dis-ease.

No “Couch Talking” or Drug Prescriptions – I Will Devise a Holistic Wellness Plan for You
I am a doctor, counselor, educator, intuitive healer, certified nutrition coach and mother. Together we will work on improving your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I use nutrition, herbalism, mindfulness and meditation to help clients with their conditions, mainly anxiety and depression.

Using an intuitive approach, I will identify the physical signals and emotional blocks you are experiencing to find out what the causes are and what you need to do. I will formulate a holistic wellness program and assist you step by step as you execute it.

My coaching focuses on these 4 areas:

• Nutrition and diet coaching: what food to eat/cut, using herbs and supplements
• Spiritual coaching: working to identify and eliminate spiritual blocks
• Lifestyle coaching: working on the issues that contribute to your condition
• Family coaching: guidance for a healthier, more fulfilling relationship

& Integrating each of these aspects for better mental and emotional health

You have suffered enough. It’s time to turn your life around.

Kind Words From Clients
“I was in a bad place when I reached out to Lindsay. I was hardly sleeping and I was waking up in the middle of the night with a feeling of impending doom. It was awful!
Lindsay really listened to my history, she listened and seemed to understand my anxiety symptoms. By the end of the day of our first coaching session I had a personal protocol in hand that outlined my focus areas for the next 7-days. It was easy to understand and outlined a lot of what we talked about, but when I had questions I could e-mail or send Lindsay a text and heard back within hours, sometimes minutes. Please – if you are dealing with anxiety, especially if it’s really bad reach out to Lindsay. She is great to work with and seems to genuinely care.”
Stacie D., Nashville, TN
“Working with Dr. Lindsay gave me so much guidance and strength that I truly needed. The path to healing is a very long and bumpy road and normal friends and family support cannot compare to the level of compassion Dr. Lindsay possesses. Her kind words and complete void of judgment really helped me move forward. Having someone actually understand what you are going through in great detail really helped me feel supported and understood. Nutrition recommendations combined with tools to overcome stress were exactly what I needed. Even just the reassurance that I was on the right tract and a lot of what I was already doing was helpful too. When I started this coaching relationship I was stressed out, not sleeping enough, and having an extreme flare in my eczema. I’m happy to report my eczema is barely there, I’m sleeping better now and I’m making more time for myself so I don’t become burnt out and get stressed as much. She was extremely attentive and whenever I had a question or just need support she was there which I found invaluable. I know it my heart that Dr. Lindsay truly cares and will do her best to help us achieve our goals and give us the confidence needed to continue on this healing journey no matter the set backs.”
“I had the great good fortune to meet Dr. Ghannam in December 2018. We worked closely together in a class we were taking and I knew almost immediately that she could help me understand my physical and spiritual stagnation. I was right! Her style is completely non-judgmental, encouraging, intuitive, considerate and I love her ability to link spirit, mind and body in a way that makes it easy for me to understand how their integration is essential in living a balanced life. Dr. Ghannam does not just listen with her ears; she listens with her heart. Her expert guidance has enabled me to begin the long walk down the path to my life’s work.”
What Does Being a Holistic Practitioner Mean?
It means understanding and addressing the three key areas of a person’s well-being: body, mind and spirit.

While medication can ease physical pain or other symptoms for a short time, it doesn’t deal with the root cause. Likewise, many therapists and counselors focus on a client’s mental state and neglect the place of spirituality in her life.

My approach is holistic – it’s only by taking in consideration all of these areas that I can help you reclaim your happiness. With the right tools, you can achieve physical comfort, emotional well-being and spiritual growth.

You Have My Undivided Attention and Support
Here’s what you get by working with me:

Emotional guidance: I listen to your story and outline a plan to treat your condition. You will have someone who truly cares by your side, at all times.

Weekly coaching sessions: I set goals, review the progress made, tackle all issues encountered and devise action plans.

Continuous support: I constantly keep in touch with my clients via text and email to answer their questions and provide inspiration and motivation.

Access to an exclusive private Facebook group: The Soul Sister Support Facebook group gathers women who exchange their experiences and help each other.

It’s time to take action and reclaim your happiness.

Your healing starts today.
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My goal is to aid in the healing process by working with the Whole person, with permission. Recognizing the inter-connectedness of body, mind and spirit is not a ‘new age’ idea. In some ways we are going back in time, to our roots and origins, to re-learn the healing methods that were once tried and true. The separation that we have created between body, mind and Source simply does not exist. The separation of souls does not exist. We are one Source and this is aum.

It's Time to Let Your Inner Goddess Shine Through

Discover what specific steps you can take to gain relief from anxiety – supplements, herbs, nutritional elements and daily practices will be integrated into a plan of action, delivered to you within 24-hours of your first appointment.

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