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As a doctor with over ten years of training and ten years of experience in the field my mission is to help women everywhere find relief from anxiety and gain extensive clarity on how to powerfully heal their body and mind at a time when they’ve exhausted all other options.

I use principles of nutrition, herbalism, mindfulness and meditation to give clients a well-rounded, holistic approach to improving their mental health and well being.

A breakthrough call is a great way to get on the phone and start the conversation around healing. How would gaining relief from anxiety change your life? What steps do you need to take to get there? How can you experience relief, fast so that you can function better and be more present with your children and family?

Racing heart, itching, sweaty palms, restlessness...

Most people who have been dealing with anxiety for a long time have a great number of physical symptoms that they sort of “group” under the anxiety umbrella.

Maybe your mind wanders from worry to worry throughout the day or maybe it gets worse at night.

Maybe you fear going to bed because you have trouble falling or staying asleep.

Maybe you’re dealing with a racing heart, itching, sweaty palms, restlessness, tightness in the chest, panic attacks, dizziness, fatigue, stomach problems, dry mouth, difficulty driving, restless legs – other symptoms that you are embarrassed about, don’t want to talk about.

Maybe you think you’re weird or different or no one has ever lived with this type of anxiety before.

Maybe you’ve started avoiding people, places, things.

Maybe you worry that you have an undiagnosed medical problem – more on that later…

And maybe you’ve tried counseling, maybe you’ve tried medication, maybe you’ve tried pushing through it, or self-help books – but inevitably your anxiety is there, it’s bad and it’s impacting your life and your relationships.

Maybe you find that your family or your support circle is less than compassionate to your pain, or worse yet maybe they contribute to it or say and do all of the “wrong” things. And that can make things very, very challenging of course.

And when I talk about anxiety I’m not talking about the good anxiety. You know the kind of anxiety that gets you out of bed when you want to lay there or convinces you to change lanes from that one car that keeps swerving about.

Of course anxiety serves a good purpose in our lives and we need a bit of it to survive. I’m really talking about the type of anxiety that comes on for NO apparent reason and stays as long as it likes.

The type that can wake you up from a restful sleep in the middle of the night and send you into panic. This anxiety is so clearly biological it’s not even funny, but we still talk about it like it’s a thinking problem.

Do you often worry that there may be something seriously wrong? Like an undiagnosed medical condition? Well, there might be!

Most people don’t expect me to say that, really. But I will never tell you that what you are feeling is in your head (no-siree).

Or give you the definition of hypochondriac. Scouts honor.

By the way, while we are on the topic, there’s a reason why conditions like hypochondriasis and conversion disorder are listed by organizations, such as the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) because they are exactly that – rare. 99 times out of 100 symptoms are real, the medical system offers limited help, and women are left to blame, “it must be in her head!”

Well, no it ain’t.

Are you sick of this label? Me, too.

Our society is sicker than ever (women, especially!) It is NOT in your head that you feel this bad. Let’s get to the bottom of your physical ailments, especially those linked to anxiety and depression.

Do you feel depressed? Probably. Because anxiety can be utterly exhausting. And any person who has dealt with anxiety long enough will get depressed at some point. It is a long-term symptom, really. This is why the two are so often referenced together, almost as if they were the same thing.

And generally speaking, half of those who have depression also experience anxiety. However, only about a third of those suffering from anxiety ever seek help – so congratulate yourself for landing here!

Do you find yourself trying to explain yourself to friends and family? Is there a general lack of compassion for your suffering? Have you heard that it is ‘all in your head’? Or have you been told to, ‘just think positive’? (You will never hear me say that!)

Schedule your breakthrough call today so that we can begin the conversation around your anxiety and how to heal.

30-Day Embrace Yourself Program

As you move through my program we won’t just talk about your anxiety issues and hope that you feel better. There are SPECIFIC ACTION STEPS that you can take starting today, with the ultimate goal of feeling better fast! Everyone is different, but many of the same strategies work for those who are suffering from anxiety. My Pyramid to Peace offers an overview of the 30-Day Embrace Yourself program and the conversations and actions we engage in through coaching from week to week.


Pyramid to Peace

Embrace Yourself

The Aum Goddess signature program involves four weeks or 30-days of working toward relief from anxiety. Research shows that if you can take your body out of a state of stress for 30-days most of your anxiety-related issues will self correct. You’ll look better, feel better, have more energy – and without any coffee or stimulants!

Every week you will work toward personal goals and follow your personal protocol, however, there is a general sequence that the program follows that allows for maximum healing and addressing anxiety issues. The program is structured in such a way that will allow you to get maximum results.

Many times counselors or coaches will ask you, “what do you want to talk about or focus on this week?” while this may work for some focus areas it does not work for anxiety because you will basically talk about what caused you the most anxiety that week. You will go in circles. I want you on a path to success. I want you to lead, but we need to be heading in the optimal direction.

So once you book your first session you are going to get a welcome packet that includes everything you need to begin your wellness journey. These are real tools that you can start using right away to start feeling better. In addition, you will receive an intake questionnaire. This questionnaire covers a lot from the present day and your history so that we are both approaching coaching from a big picture perspective.

In addition, we will gather a baseline. A baseline is a general starting point and can be used to gather information on any area – in this case we are looking at anxiety. We want to know and remember where your anxiety was at before coaching and we want to know how you are progressing as the weeks go by. A baseline is so important because how else would we know if coaching were working? Don’t ever hire a coach whose gauge of success is only that you “feel better” and don’t hire one that gathers an extensive battery either – sometimes those don’t help anymore than a short and reliable method.

Body & Mind Integration

There is a deeply rooted connection between the body and the mind that is often ignored when we look at mental health conditions, like anxiety. Many times anxiety is caused by a combination of two factors; 1) an overload of toxins in the body, and 2) a poor diet that negatively impacts gut health and other bodily systems. Fifty percent of the immune system resides in the gut and 90% of serotonin lives in the gut, according to recent research. Therefore, healthy gut equals healthy mind. Poor nutrition is a significant and modifiable risk factor for the development of mental illness overall. There is plenty of research to show that good nutrition or the RIGHT nutrition, including nutrient dense anxiety-eliminating super foods, is one of the most effective forms of treatment for depression and anxiety (Jacka et al., 2017).

In addition, we think around 50- to 70,000 thoughts every day. It can be overwhelming making this the focus in the beginning. How on earth are you going to become aware of and monitor all of those thoughts, let alone change them and feel better quickly? Add to that the fact that your body and bodily symptoms are driving you mad and you have a recipe for failure.

This is why we focus on the body first and foremost. We need to give you a boost so that you notice changes and can then devote more time and attention to mindfulness and meditation.

No one wants to meditate when they are having panic attacks!

Incorporating a nutrient dense diet with anxiety-eliminating superfoods, working to enhance the immune system response, and adding brain-boosting foods will allow you to address many of the biological causes of anxiety. We want to set up these optimal conditions for the brain, optimal conditions for nerve conduction that supports an anxiety-free nervous system.

In addition, specific nutrients act as a spark plug between neurobiological pathways performing vital functions for the brain and other organs. Deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega-3s are associated with a higher prevalence of mood disorders.

For example, both zinc and magnesium are involved in the production of NMDA receptor signaling – which is associated with memory, learning and even psychosis. While folate, b12, B6 and riboflavin are essential cofactors for the synthesis of neurotransmitters. Our intestinal microbiota produce and facilitate the supply of a variety of vitamins including biotin, B12, B6, B3, B5, folate, vitamin D, and Vitamin K.

We are on the very brink of understanding just how amazingly awesome the gut is and it’s power in aiding in positive mood. This is really exciting stuff because we are learning that our gut is really our second brain and maybe even a more powerful brain than the one in our head!

The unending negative side effects brought on by drugs has led practitioners to seek alternative approaches. Now, organizations like the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research recommend that nutrition and nutraceuticals be considered mainstream elements of psychiatric practice. In addition, more and more research is showing that while psychotropic medications may show effectiveness in the short-term they are not effective as a long-term solution.

In addition, it is nice to see that organizations like the San Francisco General Hospital’s (SFGH) Therapeutic Food Pantry (a clinically-based prescription food program led by doctors and other professionals) are leading the way in developing new programs that focus on FOOD AS MEDICINE.

Food is our medicine, along with herbs, supplements, supportive relationships, sunshine, exercise, meditation and other health practices.

Your personal protocol will outline the SPECIFIC ACTION STEPS you can take today to gain relief from anxiety based on your intake and our initial interview. This plan is highly collaborative!

Imagine How Much Time & Money You Will Save

How much will you save if you don’t attend months of therapy? How much will you save without expensive medications?

How much will you gain to feel empowered with the knowledge, tools and resources to help yourself for a lifetime? How much will you gain in nourishing your body and mind to work for you?

Are you ready to take the leap?

And work with me on gaining relief from anxiety?

What Would a Life Free From Anxiety Mean For You?

Would it allow you to be more present with your children and your family?

Would it allow you to move up or branch out in your career?

Would you have more time, more energy, more willingness to do the things you truly enjoy?

Ask yourself, what are my wildest dreams and how has anxiety gotten in the way?

If I eliminated needless anxiety from my life what would it mean for me?

Would I laugh more?

Would I love more?

The list goes on.

I look forward to working with you!