Frequently Asked Questions

Please take the time to read these FAQs before registering

Once you submit your payment through PayPal you will be redirected to the scheduling desk. Here you will be asked to complete your intake questionnaire. The answers to these questions will help guide our future coaching sessions and allow me to tailor the program you have selected to meet your needs. To get you the very best results from your coaching program, it is helpful for me to understand your personal history as well as how you are presently functioning. Please reflect on each individual question and answer as honestly as you can. Please allow up to 1-hour to complete this in-depth questionnaire. Following completion of the intake questionnaire, you will be directed to schedule your first appointment. You may also schedule any remaining appointments and your family session, if you purchased one. Once you schedule, I will send you your Welcome Packet via the e-mail address on file. This packet contains your coaching agreement and other information that you will need to sign and complete prior to the first appointment. Should you have any questions, please reach out to me directly.
Information shared in coaching is confidential. This means that what you share will not be relayed to any person at any time - this includes in family or group coaching sessions. There are limits to confidentiality which include if you were to share that you had a plan to hurt yourself or someone else or if a child or vulnerable adult were suffering abuse. These limits apply to individual, family and group coaching sessions. Please also know that your personal information is kept secure.
If you have symptoms or suffer from an illness you should consult with an appropriate health professional for your condition. If you are currently taking prescription medications, do not discontinue them or replace them without first talking to your doctor. Coaching and nutrition recommendations are intended to complement other forms of practice. If you have any questions, please ask during the intake interview. I will never recommend that you change or adjust any treatment plan recommended by your doctor. I always recommend that clients undergo regular check ups with their family practitioner, routine blood work and share or discuss any changes to their diet or lifestyle. You are ultimately responsible for your own health.
I (Dr. Lindsay) am a counselor, but do not offer counseling services to remote clients. Programs are not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition or mental health disorder. Therefore, please do not expect a treatment plan. You will receive a personal protocol which includes body and mind recommendations. If you suffer from severe anxiety that does not improve in 1-2 sessions you will more than likely be referred for treatment in combination with coaching (if you are not receiving treatment already). The goal is to get you better and that may entail a team approach to wellness. I offer coaching to women who are highly motivated to change their lives. Please, if you are not willing to do work within a program coaching may not be for you.
Coaching sessions are guided by a) your answers to intake questions, b) your personal protocol, c) the Aum Goddess Pyramid to Peace system and d) your level of progress. Focus areas will change week to week and are devised based on your history and present anxiety symptoms. The ultimate goal of each session is to get you feeling better fast and this is generally accomplished by first building a foundation for change, focusing on body areas and finally moving into areas that focus on the mind and psychological well-being.
I can an do offer both coaching and counseling in person. A great way for coaching clients to come together and receive both coaching and counseling services is to attend one of our upcoming retreats. To get more information, please visit our "Aum Events" page!

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