Dr. Lindsay Ghannam Bio

Dr. Lindsay Ghannam, Ed.D., M.A., LMHC, is a holistic mental health coach whose compassion, drive and intuition have all earned her the reputation as a service-centered leader. As an advocate of positive change, she is on a lifelong mission to empower women to embrace their infinite potential through the power of natural remedies, from herbalism and healthy eating to spirituality. Ultimately, her vision is to heal their anxiety or depression by helping them pave their way to calm, conscious clarity and all-encompassing serenity.

Throughout the course of a decade, Lindsay has gained extensive hands-on experience in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders. Lindsay is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and holding a Doctorate in Counseling, she has worked as a Crisis Intervention Specialist, Research Scientist, Addictions Specialist and in private practice. Dr. Ghannam holds additional credentials as a certified body-mind coach, certified domestic violence counselor and soul trauma healer. Above all else, she has experienced and overcome the hardship of anxiety first-hand, which enables her to deeply empathize with each valued client.
When she isn’t guiding her clients to total-life transformation, Lindsay enjoys living life as mindfully and soulfully as possible. She especially loves making tea and cooking nutritious meals, and even hosts a radio show on natural solutions for anxiety. Most importantly, she cherishes quality time spent with her two wonderful sons, Zach and Preston.

An Experienced Practitioner

I have had the incredible fortune of working with a great number of unique individuals over the course of my career. I have worked with women and children suffering from domestic abuse. I have worked in the substance abuse field as well as corrections. I have worked with those who were at the lowest point of their lives and wanted badly to end it all. I saw unimaginable strength in both men and women who literally had to pick themselves up from the floor and start over, with little or no strength to get by – they found enough courage to live. These stories still inspire me to help others. I’ve counseled in the homes of the sick and the poor, working with children and families, to find solutions for their day to day challenges. It is such an honor to have worked with so many souls and to have been a part of their story.

Nothing you say will ever offend me. Nothing you say will shock or surprise me. I have seen a lot and I know how to help you with your anxiety – starting TODAY.

Education, Coaching Training and Credentials

  • E.d.D. Counselor Education & Supervision
  • M.A. Mental Health Counseling
  • B.A. Psychology University of South Florida
  • Certified Body Mind Performance Coach
  • Licensed Counselor (Florida, U.S.)
  • Certified Domestic Violence Counselor